‘Are you looking for more inspiration, brainstorming, goal setting, and professionalization?’

For independent entrepreneurs, employees, or even students it can be difficult to stay focussed, network, set goals, and expand at the same time. Utilizing the internet; the world is becoming more interactive than ever before.

The ‘Masterclass Mindset’ teaches you practical tips, tricks, and advice on; networking, personal goal setting, sustainable development, and professionalism to sharpen and shape your online and offline communication.

With a network of +5000 connections, sufficient customer satisfaction, and professional communication skills in business, politics, and community management I share my experiences, training, and knowledge during this training.

“The words you use, is the reality you choose”

‘Ever thought of typing your name in Google?’

Will I find you on Google? Then you also have the responsibility to keep your digital portfolio in order..

Did you know that most people don’t know what information is being shared? It’s useful to know when clients, recruiters, or partners are looking for you..

Time to take control and ‘just like offline’ build your digital portfolio to the world in a professional way, because believe me, this saves you a lot of time to explain when everything can be found online.

‘Do you find it difficult to personally formulate an objective and make a step-by-step plan?’

Inspired by books like ‘The Secret, Think and Grow Rich and Your First 100 Million’ I have been chosen as one of the 50 Junior Masterminds at the Mastermind Academy since 2015.

In 2019, together with my team from TEDxYouth@Nijmegen, I successfully invited two business mentors Michael Pilarczyk and Daniel Steven Pe├▒a Sr. to the Netherlands to give a TEDx Talk on May 22nd 2019.

As I got advice from them, their knowledge, skills, and experiences as mentors, and my own learning processes. I take into account in giving this ‘Masterclass Mindset’, it is therefore packed with ‘nuggets’ and practical advice on how I got started and learned from them in private which I am able to share with you.

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  • Networking Training
  • Presenting and Pitching
  • Professional Development
  • Digital Tips & Tricks
  • Sustainable Development

‘Wait.. There is more?’

This ‘Masterclass Mindset’ can be given in group format or individually. Depending on the expectations the master class will be adapted to it. During our first online (video)call we will look at which way of communication, structure, and knowledge sharing fits best with what you desire. Read more about me click here.

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‘In good health, success and well-being’

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